one gift. one goal.

together we can.

This school year we’re launching the One Community Campaign (OCC), combining the annual Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation (MPAEF) fall fundraising into one ask and simplifying your donation process.  Our goal is 100% participation so please donate at whatever level is possible for you. The suggested donation is $2,000 per student - the first $250 goes to your child’s PTO and the remainder to the MPAEF.

what the One Community Campaign funds

“I never expected to have the personalized attention and support for my child that we’ve received from our school’s counselors. It’s made all the difference to our family.”

- Jonathan, Hillview Parent

how it works

with your suggested $2,000 donation:

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up to the first $250 per child goes to PTO

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remaining donation goes to the MPAEF

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corporate match: $250 to PTO & remainder to MPAEF


what community funded means

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  • It costs $16,500 to educate each student in the Menlo Park City School District, but our district only receives $12,000/student from property taxes and government funding.

  • That leaves a $4,500 gap that our community needs to fill with voluntary donations via the OCC and parcel taxes.

show your support now

please select the donation option that works best for your family:


credit card, venmo, paypal

monthly payment





don’t forget to request your corporate match!