MPAEF suggested donation = $1500 per student.           PTO suggested donation = $250 per student.

The MPAEF allows the district to fund critical programs at Laurel,        Hillview, Oak Knoll and Encinal, including:

  • 28 teachers in art, science, music, and library
  • 15% reduction in class size (compared to CA average)
  • 47 electives at Hillview
  • Cutting-edge STEM programs in the classroom
  • A mental health safety net including dedicated psychologists and counselors at every school

The PTO funds many important programs at each school,  including: 

  • Curriculum enhancement such as STEAM (Science Fair), art supplies/instruction, DC Trip and Musicals
  • Culturally enriching programs including Poetry in Motion, assemblies, and field trips
  • Family events such as the Fall Family Picnics & Luau


Make your 2 donations today.  One to MPAEF, and the other to your school's PTO.

Campaign ends October 5th.  

​​​​​One Community.  Investing Together.

Step 1:


Donate now = 2 checks, 2 great causes!

Step 2:  

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Did you know that our property taxes only cover 62% of the costs to educate our children?  And, Federal and State funds cover less than 12% of the school district's annual budget?  So it's up to the community to help make up the difference.  Without these donations, we could not continue to be among the best schools in the state of California.